Project Management

The software and charts shown below were developed by myself to work with Microsoft Excel .

Increasing occupancy rates and revenue by improving customer experience is the aim of modern hospitality organizations. To achieve these results, Food & Beverage Managers and also Executive Chefs need to have a deep knowledge of customers’ needs, behavior, and preferences and be aware of the ways in which the services delivered create value for the customers and then stimulate their retention and loyalty.

It is important to create and analyze the guest–hotel relationship and to profile hotel guests in a customer information system, focusing on the process of designing a customer information system and particularly the guest information matrix on which the system database will be built.

The strategic use of technology in project development and marketing is one of the most significant opportunities the hospitality industry has at this moment.

The implementation of a targeted sales and marketing plan and the development of a project plan / action plan and also a customer relationship management (CRM) policy require a deep knowledge of customers’ needs, behavior, and preferences, and new technologies are one of the major drivers of change in this context.

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