Budget and Forecast

The software and charts shown below were developed by myself to work with Microsoft Excel.

Budget and Forecast plan
to represent the monthly reporting plastically .

Budget : an estimate of costs, revenues, and resources over a specified period, reflecting a reading of future financial conditions and goals. One of the most important administrative tools, a budget serves also as a (1) plan of action for achieving quantified objectives, (2) standard for measuring performance, and (3) device for coping with foreseeable adverse situations.

What makes a Budget effective ?

The process of converting plans into budget. Budget can be expressed in terms of CASH budget, SALES budget, LABOUR cost budget , the BUDGETED profit and loss account.
A surplus budget means profits are anticipated, while a balanced budget means that revenues are expected to equal expenses. A deficit budget means expenses will exceed revenues. Budgets are usually compiled and re-evaluated on a periodic basis. Adjustments are made to budgets based on the goals of the budgeting organization.

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